Off-Island Arrangements for Cruise Ship wheelchair & scooter rentals

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If you have never driven a Scooter, get ready for some fun.  These little workhorses are the strong back and legs you wish you had.

If you don’t stand on you feet for 8 hours a day back home, for “crying out loud” don’t try it on your vacation.  You might get “Fat Foot” and the only known cure for “Fat Foot” is bed rest or a wheelchair. 

Simple to drive U-control the speed.  Slow enough to pull alongside a ‘Georgas Honey in her Bikini’..Yet fast enough to outrun your Wife with a large stick in her hand.

Women with big Purses and Shopaholics love the convenience of the basket.

If you plan on touring Waikiki, spending the day at Ala Moana Shopping Center or enjoying a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center then a Scooter is the way to ~ Go~..

At 20 miles on an overnight charge, a scooter gives you total independence. 


AAA Discount Wheelchairs & Scooters



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