Off-Island Arrangements for Cruise Ship wheelchair & scooter rentals

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Telephone        (808) 922-7400

Toll Free    (888) 288-3887


          High Back Manual Recliners

          Power Wheelchairs

          Power Wheelchair w/ Recliner

          Power Wheelchair w/ Tilt-In-Space

          Pediatric Jerry Chair

          Controls= L-R hand,remote,chin,sip



          Electric Hospital Bed

          Over bed Trapeze

          Low Air Loss Mattress 8

          Patient Transfer Lift w/cut out sling

          Tub Transfer Bench w/ Commode Cut

AAA Discount Wheelchairs & Scooters



Hours of Operation 6:00 a.m. to 12 Midnight

AAA Discount Wheelchairs and ScootersPot Of Gold 

365 Days a Year

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Prices Quoted While Sleeping Are Generally Much Higher !
Reservations Taken Often Forgotten !